Our Shows

Our current broadcasting shows, please note our schedule is always changing so please do pop back to see our latest's line-up. All our broadcasting times are UK time zones.

Sunday 11am - Weekly

Spiritualist Divine Service

We join Wimbledon Spiritualist Church for our weekly Divine Service which includes a prayer,a readings, philosophy, mediumship demonstration and a meditation.

Sunday 2:30pm - Fortnightly 

The Sunday Sofa

Join Bex, Lia and Polly for their live unscripted interactive fortnightly chat show about life, love and spirituality.
Real women, with real issues, sharing and helping those who need support where it's needed. The also has guests and offers live free readings.

Sunday 8pm - Fortnightly

VIP Night

Just for our Patreons/VIP, every fortnight on a Sunday night we come together for a chat, putting the world to right, supporting one another and offering readings in our VIP lounge area.

Monday 12:30pm - Fortnightly

The Iain Mason Show

A fortnightly show 'The Iain Mason Show', a different approach to your spirituality with thought provoking ideas and interactive live readings.

Monday 3:45pm - Weekly

Indigos Oracle

Join Indigo Starseed for her weekly meditation while offering guidance through various divination, and direct communication with spirit., show includes live free readings.

Monday 8pm - Weekly

A Pathway to your Spirituality

A weekly show presented by Matt & Kirsty Grogan, who answer your questions on spiritual guidance while offering free readings.

Tuesday 8pm - fortnightly

Deb Clarke - Chatting with Spirit

Deb joins us for a fortnightly show demonstrating her mediumship abilities while offering free readings.

Tuesday 8pm - Fortnightly

Jilly & Norma Psychic Art

Psychic Artists Jilly and Norma offers feather coloured readings and Psychic art.

Tuesday 10:30pm - Fortnightly

Ricky & Tyler

A new fortnightly show presented by Ricky and Tyler offering late night US style readings.

Tuesday 10:30pm - Fortnightly

Palmistry & Tarot with Rachel

Rachel hosts her fortnightly show explaining about Palmistry while offering palm and tarot readings.

Wednesday 1pm - Fortnightly

Lift your Spirit

Join us for Jane's fortnightly show ‘Life your Spirit’. Jane the Psychic Counsellor is on hand to offer guidance and help where she can, the show includes readings.

Wednesday 8pm - Weekly

Live with Spirit

We team up with some of the most talented readers be it spiritual mediums, psychics and tarot card readers etc.

Our interactive show offers FREE readings during the live show.

Thursday 8pm - Fortnightly

Collective Consciousness

Bill Hughes presents a live demonstrating of mediumship with new guests each fortnight.

Thursday 8pm - fortnightly

Elly Charles Readings

Elly demonstrates her mediumship and tarot card readings in her own style.

Friday 11:30am - Fortnightly

Sam O'Neil - Rune Readings

Sam joins us for a fortnightly show offering free readings using Rune Stones.

Friday 11:30am - Fortnightly

Guided Meditation with Lesley

A fortnightly show where Lesley Knight will offer a guided meditation while answering any questions you have about meditation and healing.

Friday 1pm - Fortnightly

Exploring your Awareness

Bev Mann with her show ‘Exploring your Awareness’, a great way to learn and understand how to embrace your spiritual ability.

Friday 8pm - Fortnightly

The Origins of the Ancients

Show presented by Birgitta Visser and Kate Buxton focuses on the beliefs of ancients religions, spirituality and theorises. The show will also cover other interesting topics with special guests, such as well known authors.

Friday 8pm - Fortnightly

Being Spiritual with Ashley

Ashley Robinson presents his show about spiritual history, philosophy and mind provoking thoughts/ideas.

Saturday 2:30pm - Fortnightly

A Conversation with Becs

Becs presents her own fortnightly show ‘A Conversation with’, answering your questions in a honest and down to earth way.

Saturday 8pm - Weekly

Mediumship Demonstration

We have our weekly demonstration of Mediumship with selected mediums offering free readings.

Different times

Other Broadcasts

Since SPtv launched we have had many pre-recorded and live shows being broadcasted via Facebook, using the link below will take you to just some of the shows.

Older Shows

Understanding Your Dreams

Leanne answered your questions all about dreams while interpreting there meanings.

My Blissful Life

Professional Counsellor Angelina guided our viewers with a possible new outlook on life.

Polly Harnett

A show where Polly offered readings and tips on how to communicate with teaching fledglings live.

In Search of the Paranormal

The Southern Ghost Society hosted a live studio q&a  paranormal show with guests and so much more.

SPtv Shopping Showcase

We teamed up with Good Karma of Southsea to showcase some products they have in their store.

Community Showcase

Our community show allowed everyday people to come on to SPtv and host their own show be it readers, poets, storytellers, mediums and artists etc.

Jade Interviews

Jade interviews some of the UK most influential people by asking some up and close personal questions.

Astro Numerology

Walter Boyd presented a show all about Astrology and Numerology, offering an insight in our viewers birth charts and special numbers.

The Universe according to Richard & Kate

The show included discussions about Aliens, History and anything else.

Spiritual Unity

A show Bringing spiritual people together who share the same interest.

Spirit & the Paranormal

All things paranormal including guests, footage, images and q & a.

My life with the stars

Summer & Jade presented a weekly show offering astrology insights and tarot readings. 

Sensing Spirit

Mediums demonstrating their abilities while communicating with spirit while at different location.

Chanting & Meditation

Learn how to Chant and Mediate with guidance Jennifer Jenkins.

Loose Mystics

Kate May and guests offered their monthly views on different topics with readings.

My Spiritual Life

We interviewed some interesting people about their lives.

My Life, My Journey

Mike Essex presented only two shows with guests telling us about their lives.

Down to Earth

'Get it off your Chest' show where Simon and Jo offered their feedback on viewers comments.